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Mayo Clinic Cardiac Monitoring is an end-to-end solution that merges leading-edge remote monitoring technology with years of Mayo Clinic cardiac monitoring experience. Designed to simplify and streamline the remote monitoring process, our program seamlessly connects patients with innovative diagnostics, delivering an enhanced experience for patients and their healthcare providers. Fast, reliable, and accessible, Mayo Clinic Cardiac Monitoring fosters a healthier and more informed future for patients and their physicians.

“The device transmits data digitally in near real time, which gives us the answers we need when we need them.

Peter Noseworthy, M.D.


Innovative technology, individualized care
Mayo Clinic Cardiac Monitoring allows for a continuous, remote transition between all modalities of ambulatory cardiac monitoring, with no additional office visits required of patients. Worn for the duration of a single monitoring period, the cellphone-sized monitor was developed for usability. Because our monitoring platform can be customized by ordering physicians, each patient receives individualized care and expedient clinical answers.

Accelerate treatment decisions, improve patient outcomes
With our end-to-end platform, live monitoring can begin quickly, near-real-time patient data is transmitted automatically, and the waiting period between multiple rounds of monitoring — as well as delays associated with device turnaround — are eliminated. Because prolonged monitoring after clinical decisions can be made is detrimental to patient care, our program enables physicians to easily end service and receive the report as soon as a clinical diagnosis can be made.

Peace of mind through around-the-clock support
While we are monitoring them, your patients are in our hands. Our highly trained team of certified rhythm analysis technicians (CRAT) provides 24/7 support throughout the monitoring period. This team of technicians has decades of experience in the most complex cases and quickly communicates cardiac alerts and emergent information. By relieving the burden of troubleshooting technology issues or interpreting unclear or incomplete data, our partners can do what they do best: care for patients.

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