Empowering physicians to make treatment decisions

Our cardiac monitoring offering was developed by Mayo Clinic cardiologists faced with the same time constraints and challenges as partnering physicians. Built for convenience, a simplified monitoring approach allows patients to wear one device through all testing types and only as long as needed. While in use, the monitoring device continuously streams patients’ ECG and motion data in near real time. This allows for rapid intervention by Mayo Clinic-trained and certified rhythm analysis technicians and facilitates the physician’s ability to act quickly and confidently.

Cardiac Monitoring for pROVIDERS

Access to data

Providing partnering physicians transparent access to their patients’ data enables informed event interpretation. Our monitoring solution provides full disclosure reporting and access to clinical data, such as monitoring reports and alerts, from anywhere through our online monitoring portal. This access enables a detailed view of their patient’s heart rhythms, including event, onset, and offset. Direct access to generated reports is available within days of test completion.


Our monitoring solution, which uses InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC platform, allows for seamless movement through all testing types. All alert criteria are customizable to the practice and patient level, giving ordering physicians the ability to tailor alert criteria, ensuring individualized care and relevant clinical answers. Because prolonged monitoring is detrimental to patient care, our platform allows physicians to easily end service as soon as a diagnosis can be made. 


The clarity of our program’s three-lead, six-channel platform provides superior transmission of high-integrity data. Alerts are accompanied by a link to the web-based monitoring portal, where physicians can view live monitoring strip data. Even in rural areas where there is limited cellular service, we support and optimize patient care.


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