Anytime, anywhere cardiac care

Empowering providers, accelerating treatment decisions

Mayo Clinic’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine is one of the largest, most comprehensive heart practices in the world. Home to more than 240 subspecialty experts, the department’s top-ranked cardiologists diagnose and treat more than 100,000 adults and children each year, including those with complex and rare conditions.

Through Mayo Clinic's Cardiac Monitoring, we extend Mayo Clinic’s technical ambulatory cardiac monitoring services to clinicians and patients around the globe. With the help of InfoBionic’s MoMe Kardia remote cardiac monitoring device, we provide a full-service, clinically focused solution that allows patients to wear a single device only as long as needed, while equipping partnering providers with more vital information for clinical decision-making and timely treatment delivery.

Participating practices are supported around-the-clock by the same certified rhythm analysis technicians and cardiologists who treat Mayo Clinic patients every day. And because these services are rooted in an integrated practice rather than a commercial setting, Mayo Clinic’s teams are better positioned to support participating care teams by providing results in a manner aligned with clinical decision-making.

Innovative, individualized care

The MoMe Kardia 3-in-1 wearable device allows for a seamless, remote transition between all modalities of ambulatory cardiac monitoring, with no additional office visits required of patients. Designed by, backed by, and fully integrated into Mayo Clinic’s cardiology practice, our program provides partners access to Mayo Clinic’s cutting-edge technology and standards of care. Because our monitoring platform can be customized by ordering physicians, each patient receives individualized care and expedient clinical answers.

Around-the-clock support

Mayo Clinic believes clinical staff should be free to focus on patient care, not spending excessive time sorting through unclear or incomplete report data to manage follow-up testing  or troubleshoot technology issues with third-party vendors. We support participating practices and patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a Mayo Clinic-trained team of certified rhythm analysis technicians. All preset cardiac alerts or emergent information will be communicated to treating physicians in a timely manner to ensure prompt patient care. Field service teams from Mayo Clinic will deliver virtual and on-site orientation, training, and continuing education to every practice.

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