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Empowering physicians to make treatment decisions

Designed by, backed by, and integrated into Mayo Clinic’s cardiology practice, our Cardiac Monitoring program extends the same near-real-time ambulatory cardiac monitoring services provided for Mayo Clinic patients to clinicians and patients around the world.

Utilization of the MoMe Kardia device enables full disclosure reporting and convenient access to near-real-time clinical data, such as monitoring reports and alerts, from anywhere through our online monitoring portal. This access equips Mayo Clinic technicians and physician partners with a clear view of their patient’s condition, including any events, onset, and offset, which facilitates the ability to act quickly and with confidence on therapeutic decisions. The clarity of our program’s three-lead, six-channel platform rivals that of most inpatient telemetry solutions, providing superior transmission compared to what is currently available with patch-based devices.

Designed for convenience

While in use, the monitoring device continuously streams patients’ ECG and motion data for review — allowing for near-real-time intervention by Mayo Clinic-trained and certified rhythm analysis technicians. If a technician sees a troubling or emergent incident while remotely monitoring a patient’s heart rhythms, they immediately contact the patient’s prescribing physician for further care.

Because Mayo Clinic’s cardiologists share the same time constraints and challenges facing our physician partners, our monitoring program was built for convenience. Alerts, sent via text message or email, are accompanied by a link to the web-based monitoring portal where physicians can view live monitoring strip data. Providing partnering physicians transparent access to their patients’ data, as well as detailed reports, improves outcomes by enabling more informed event interpretation and reducing preventable errors.

Our platform minimizes unnecessary alerts by allowing ordering physicians to set customized alert criteria for each patient and modify those settings in real time through the monitoring portal. Giving providers control over which alerts are sent — and how and when that information is received —supports individualized care and expedient clinical answers, and helps providers save time for what matters most.

Mobile access

Through mobile access to the monitoring portal, partnering physicians can view patient data, reports, and alerts from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or laptop. Physicians can view and manage event alerts, contact patients, and change notification criteria directly from the monitoring portal.

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