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Mayo Clinic’s Cardiac Monitoring provides participating physicians and patients with the use of InfoBionic’s revolutionary MoMe Kardia mobile cardiac monitoring device throughout a patient’s cardiac monitoring plan. This stand-alone cardiac monitor is not only easy for patients to wear and use, but makes it easy for partnering physicians to see and access all of the full disclosure cardiac data they need to make quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

“The device transmits data digitally in near real time, which gives us the answers we need when we need them.”

– Peter Noseworthy, M.D

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Participating physicians can order a seamless, remote transition between Holter and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry to align with individual patient needs and help reduce the number of return office visits. While in use, the device continuously streams a patient’s ECG and motion data for review — allowing for near-real-time intervention by the cardiac monitoring team of certified rhythm analysis technicians (CRAT). If a technician sees something troubling or emergent while remotely monitoring the heart rhythms of an enrolled patient, they immediately contact the patient’s prescribing physician for further care.