Remote Cardiac Monitoring

From development to practical implementation

Technological advancements in both software and hardware have revolutionized the way clinicians monitor cardiac rhythms. These enhancements allow clinicians to instantaneously record and continuously monitor a patient's heart health without the patient needing to leave the comfort and convenience of their own home.

In this episode of Mayo Clinic’s “Cardiovascular CME” podcast, physician, inventor, and serial entrepreneur David E. Albert, M.D., joins host Anthony Kashou, M.D., for a discussion on the changing role of remote cardiac monitoring solutions in patient care, how the pandemic has affected the field, and how ideas can become reality.

Specific topics discussed include:

  • The role personal and remote solutions play in medical care today.
  • How the pandemic has impacted the use of remote cardiac care and monitoring solutions.
  • The impact digital health solutions like remote monitoring play in enhancing the doctor-patient relationship.
  • The value of pursuing FDA clearance for fortifying patient-provider confidence in remote monitoring devices.

Listen to the full episode here.

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Cory Pedersen

Cory Pedersen is a senior marketing specialist for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.