Holter Monitoring – Tech Cascade

Test ID: CV1001C

Holter Monitoring - Tech Cascade


Identifying abnormal heart rhythm.


Product IDService NameAlways Performed
CV1001CHolter Monitoring - TechYes
CV3003CMobile Cardiac Telemetry - TechNo


The Cardiac Monitoring Cascade (“Cascade”) indicates two tests have been ordered: a Holter and a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) test. Both the Holter and the MCT test are provided as described in detail in Sections1 (b) and 1(c) below. The Cascade starts with the ordering provider ordering a Holter test for the patient. The patient will wear the device for 24 hours, after which the MCT test will immediately be initiated as indicated by the Cascade order for a prescribed monitoring period of up to 30 days. Cascade service allows the patient to maintain the same device. The MCT test begins with minimal interruption of recording. The MCT can be discontinued and data erased without charge, provided the signing physician determines additional MCT testing is not medically necessary and notifies Mayo Clinic Cardiac Monitoring by 5:00 p.m. CST on the first full business day following the delivery of the Holter report. 


When the test is over

  1. A technician will call you when the monitoring period has ended.
  2. Place a fully charged battery in the device before packaging to ensure all remaining data is transmitted.
  3. Place kit in the included packaging and attach return FedEx label. Call FedEx Express at 800-463-3339 to schedule a pickup time.
  4. A FedEx delivery driver will arrive at your home to pick up the package.
  5. Please return device as soon as your test is completed.
  6. Note: If monitoring equipment is not returned or is damaged, you can be charged for the cost of replacing equipment.


Consists of:

  • 93225: Holter Hook-up
  • 93226: Holter Technical
  • 93229: Mobile Cardiac Telemetry


  • Prospective clients should contact their Regional Manager. For assistance, contact customer service 24/7.


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